Who is Behind Melody of Joy

If you are reading this post, you might be wondering who is behind this blog, and what’s its purpose?

Humm from where should I start… Well, excuse my introvertedness, it has always been a bit confusing for me to introduce myself. The standard way of doing so is to start with a name, the main occupation in life, and maybe finish with some hobbies. But as you surely feel it too, there is so much more for a person than a name and an occupation in life.

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Those “preacher” curls are “hell”..

As I am writing these lines of this first post, my mind is wondering on spiritual questions like: who am I? what am I? Let’s not get too “Meta” for now.. My name is Walid.B, aka as “Huwa” (which means HIM in Arabic language.) I am in my late 20, deeply passionate about the everlasting quest of how to create a life of joy and inner peace, and all what it might entails of spirituality, health, knowledge …etc.

Through MelodyofJoy.com, I set my intention to document my journey of constant spiritual insights, transformation, and day by day tips and practices that I consider valuable and worth sharing to accomplish our all-common purpose in life:  “Fulfilling the Enjoyment of Life”. 

Stay tuned <3

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