What Will Happen When You Stop Pursuing Money

We are living in a material reality. Where we think ourselves being a physical body, interacting with a physical reality.

This body has one primary function: to survive.

To do so, we must acquire the means necessary: food, shelter, companionship, ways to travel …etc.

All of those things, require money.

Because of this, our ego has to go on an ongoing journey to accumulate as much money as possible, to feel finally secure…

But there is a problem: it’s never enough.

Basing our sense of survival on an external thing, means in a spiritual level, that we are reinforcing the reality of our primary motivation.

Pursuing money from a scarcity mindset, to feel secure and enough, will only reinforce your feelings of lack. So even if you succeed (which is very unlikely so if you have this mindset), you will still feel poor, lacking something, and in a constant fear that you might lose it all one day.

So, you might ask, what’s the solution? How can I be abundant, get my needs met, and create the life I want?

As we already allude to so many times on Melody of Joy, this reality has a counter intuitive nature. And to understand this, we must first understand WHAT ARE WE REALLY? And WHY are we here in the first place?

All spiritual traditions, religions, mystics, shamans, sages, and even people who experienced near death experiences, will tell you the same thing: We are eternal spiritual beings, with unlimited creating powers, having a limited human experience.

The process in which we come to this realization, isn’t intellectual. It is experimental. And this is in fact our answer to our second question: “why are we here”. We are here to remember again our true nature. What are we beyond separation and form, beyond life and death.

You might be thinking, so what has this to do with making money?

Making money, as any pursuit in life, can be framed as a spiritual exercise.

Our life situation is a reflection of our current level of consciousness. This is the real deal behind the law of attraction.

We attract what we interiorly believe we deserve, and this is intimately tied to what we think we are…

I don’t claim to have uncover all the insights about money and creation, but I’m nevertheless excited to share with you my current state of mind about this subject. I will also be sharing with you my results, and other insights along the way.

I came with these 7 insights, that I want you to deeply contemplate. Of course, everyone has a different journey, but I believe if you can deeply understand those insights, you must understand before you can be your most efficient creator.

1. You are not separated from your reality. You, and reality in this present moment are one.

2. You always have enough in the present moment. All your thoughts about lack are in the future.

3. Every situation is an opportunity to go from fear to love. Love has to be exercised so it can be strong enough to overcome any fears.

4. Giving and receiving are the same: since you are one with everything and everyone, when you give something to somebody, you are already receiving it.

5. Money has never, and will never be lacking. It’s just an energy that has to circulate between people to guarantee an equilibrium and a continuity of life. In that same regard, money, or any “possessions”, is not YOURS. In a spiritual level, you possess absolutely NOTHING physical.

6. Everyone, including you, and even the homeless man in the street, is as much abundant as the richest man alive.

7.  Money is never a tool to feel secure. Let go of your desire to acquire money. Desires comes from lack, but inspiration comes abundance. Instead, shift your focus on how much loving energy you are giving in to the world.

There you have it, now next time you want something, admit to yourself that you don’t know how to get it, and ask your Higher-Self to show you the way. Then simply follow your intuition (the process has to be light and joyful), and trust that if it’s something really valuable to you and your journey, you will receive it.

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