The Hidden Key to Maniest Anything Into Your Life

Life has a counter-intuitive nature. The things we are searching for seem to disapear, while we can easily get what we don’t need in the moment.

This is because everything in the universe is related to everything else. Everything is really ONE, no separation between events, people, things …etc.

Needing and searching for something perpetuates the energy of lack of that thing, that’s why we can’t manifest it into our lives. In the opposite, being contempt, and feeling enough in the moment, without needing anything, creates the energy of abundance, which attracts everything that matches that state of being.

This is a beautiful remind that can put you in the right state of being for manifestation :

That which you can surrender, comes to you.


In more practical terms, if you want something, you have to be prepared to let it go.

For example, you want more money into your life, you have to be at peace with the idea of giving it away. Give some of it to charities, or to a homeless person on the streets … And embody the feeling of abundance.

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